Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Introduction : Weight loss queen, what we are

This is an introduction to a new addition to the blogsphere. Weightloss Queen is a place for discussion, reviews, news, opinions and suggestions on all things to do with weightloss. The focus will be mainly on women’s health, we know a lot about it here! We are based in Australia, as is our parent company, MassAttack, but thought has no geographical restrictions. The western world is in the grip of a terrible sickness that just one hundred years ago would seem unimaginable; thousands of solutions have been suggested but for many people none of them work. We want to shake some of them out and give them some air. You’ll see the whole range on this blog, everything from interesting theories to yummy recipes to hard facts. Everything to answer the question, “what makes people overweight and what can be done about it?”

Updating will be weekly, a new post every Monday.