Friday, December 19, 2008

Home is where the heart is

Old sayings such as “Home is where the heart is” and “Behind every great man is a great woman” came about for good reason. We, dear ladies, are an integral part of many peoples’ lives. We are nurturers, lovers, wives, mothers, chefs, gardeners, chauffers, bankers, nurses, cleaners and many other things to many other people. I hate to say it, but without us, things would start to fall apart.


Without our health, we simply can’t do what we need to, and we can’t be what we need to be to those around us. This time of year is especially taxing and adequate energy comes in as a top priority for most of us. Why then, is it so easy for our energy to slip through our fingers at those times when we need it most? We either have a half-filled tank or we’re constantly running on empty. Thankfully, the main energy zappers are within our control and if we can make ourselves tired and unwell, we can certainly make ourselves well again. NOW is the time to do something about it by implementing the following tips.

  • You are what you eat: energy comes directly from the food we eat so it’s easy to see why a poor diet results in poor energy production. Lifestyle factors (alcohol, tea, coffee, caffeinated soft drinks, drugs, refined carbs) and stress can contribute to nutritional deficiencies that sets you up for part-time exhaustion (and can easily develop into full-time exhaustion).Your MassAttack food tables are developed to provide you with the necessary nutrients to boost your energy levels and sustain good health and well being.
  • Skipping girl: mornings rarely leave us with enough time to calmly get organised for the day and it’s often breakfast that is overlooked as we race out the door. I can’t stress enough how important breaky is. The type of breakfast you eat dictates how you will feel throughout the day by establishing how much sugar is in your blood and therefore, how much energy you will have for the day. Aim for a mix of protein and whole grains to release sugar into the bloodstreamslowly.
  • The internal drought: just about everything we need our body to do requires water and due to the amount we lose every day (about 2 litres), it is essential that we replenish this loss. Simple dehydration is a major cause of energy depletion so it’s time to drink up. One method used to calculate how much we should drink is 35ml of water per kilo of body weight. You may also notice improvements in migraines, memory, constipation and hypotension
  • Stress less: every stress leaves its mark. Adequate magnesium levels, which are essential for energy production, are drastically reduced with prolonged stress and high levels of cortisol can result in adrenal exhaustion, a problematic immune system and escalating digestive disorders. Work on some stress reduction techniques and think about including supportive nutrients such as the B group vitamins, magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin C.
  • Sleep tight: it’s impossible to maintain optimal energy without regular, adequate sleep (usually 7-8 hours a night). Sleep supports and rejuvenates the immune system, facilitates the recovery of metabolic processes and gives your nervous system time to recoup.
  • Liver me timbers: as food provides the fuel for energy production, the liver and digestive tract make good use of this food to enable our body to utilise the all important nutrients it contains. It’s important to maintain regular bowel motions to allow the body to eliminate waste and continue to absorb nutrients. A sluggish bowel creates a sluggish body so increase your intake of fibre to keep things moving and add some bitter foods to your diet.
  • Get moving: exercise stimulates circulation in order to deliver nutrients and oxygen around the body. It also helps eliminate toxins and waste products, stimulates digestion, absorption and metabolism. Include some exercise into your day where you can; go for a walk at lunchtime, take the stairs or do isolated crunches at your desk.

So this Christmas make sure that you take some time to look after yourself – it’s a gift that everyone will benefit from! After all – if the woman of the house is happy, every one is happy!