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Fall Pregnant with Endometriosis and PCOS

Natural treatment of Endometriosis that every woman should know about.

Research offers us many causes and theories about the cause of endometriosis, but unfortunately, still no cure for this painful and misunderstood disorder. Often, the standard treatment for endometriosis is drastic. Luckily there is natural treatment for endometriosis that work as standard treatment usually involves either a hysterectomy or hormone therapy like Depro Provera, to suppress estrogen and initiate a false menopause. This treatment brings new problems of its own; hot flashes, vaginal dryness and a low libido.

Thankfully natural treatment for endometriosis is available using herbs, dietary changes and nutritional support.

As a naturopath specializing in women’s health and hormones, I have helped many women heal their endometriosis naturally. That’s why it’s important for best results in treating your endometriosis naturally, work with a naturopath who has experience with this disorder and can help you develop a complete natural treatment program that includes dietary changes, herbal support and nutritional therapy for successful natural treatment of endometriosis.

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Case study: Sara Frankston Vic - My personal journey with endometriosis
Severe period pain and nausea with endometriosis

One night I arrived home with very severe and terrible shooting pains in my stomach. Little did I know it was endometriosis. The pains were so overwhelming I couldn’t sit up. I felt nauseas and faint. Lucky my friend was with me and she took me to the local hospital.

I was told the excruciating period pain was normal but my friends periods weren’t this bad

The doctor performed a vaginal examination and determined that I had a tampon infection and I was released and an appointment with an OB GYN was made. When I explained my excruciating shooting pains and how I often got them even when I wasn’t having my menstrual cycle, he explained to me that this was normal pain for women.

For the next year I spent many agonizing days and nights, crying because of these terrible pains. Finally, I went to see an OB GYN of a friend and I was explained that I might have endometriosis. This is where my story begins.

Finally I found out I had endometriosis and was scared to death
As I sat in the doctor’s office and was told that I indeed might have endometriosis and would have to have surgery, at the age of 18 I was scared to death!

I was admitted to the hospital to have a Laparoscopy and a Dilatation and Curettage (D and C) administrated. I wasn’t sure what all this meant, and I wasn’t sure what questions I should be asking. All I hoped for was that it would stop this horrifying period pain (that almost 10 doctors had told was “normal”).

After I recovered and was returned to my hospital room, my OB GYN came in and showed me the pictures that they had taken during surgery and informed me I did have endometriosis. It covered all of my female organs, uterus, ovaries, was on my bladder and on my colon. He said he had removed it all and I should be fine.

My endometriosis returned after a Curette

For the next 2 years I experienced the same kind of tremendous pain, but at least I knew what it was. I moved around a lot and had to see various doctors. I saw nearly 20 doctors, most who told me “it was normal”, or “there was nothing physically wrong with me”. I would just cry and cry and even got to the point where I did not want to see any doctors…they didn’t believe me anyway so what was the point!

Every Pap smear I had was so painful that I cried and cried during each procedure. I was prescribed Depro Provera.

Endometriosis caused me to be depressed and I gained weight

About 2 weeks into the Depro Provera treatment I started to feel some mild changes in my moods and weight.

I quickly became severally depressed. I cried and cried for no reason at all. One day I turned up to the GP crying hysterically, the receptionist asked me if I was ok and I just screamed “do I look o.k.? I then saw the DR who prescribed me some Prozac.

Endometriosis ruined my life - I was depressed, tired with debilitating period pain and my life had fallen apart.

My life began to fall apart. I couldn’t hold down a job and my boyfriend dumped me because of my moods. I called my mum in tears and she drove for 8 hours to pick me up. She stayed for a few days and talked me in to coming home again so she could look after me.

I tried natural treatment for endometriosis that worked

It was then that she showed me an article in the Take 5 magazine about a girl named Michelle who had worked with a naturopath called Narelle Stegehuis. I immediately called her and she gave me hope. After working with her and finding out how to trat my endometriosis naturally, I am now drug free and pain free. I feel like myself again.

Do you have endometriosis? Do you want to know what everyday changes you can do to heal your endo? Click here

Do I have endometriosis?

Period pain that becomes so debilitating it renders you unable to go about your normal routine, is not ordinary or typical!

Period Pain is your body's way of signaling that something is wrong. If you are suffering from pelvic pain, you may have endometriosis and should be diagnosed properly.

Endometriosis symptom checklist

Pain may occur in any of the following forms:
  • Period pain - immediately before and during the period
  • Pain during or after sex
  • Abdominal, back and/or pelvic pain
  • Pain with opening bowels, passing wind or urinating also frequency
  • Ovulation pain, including thigh or leg pain

Bleeding irregularities
  • Heavy bleeding, with or without clots
  • Irregular bleeding with or without a regular cycle
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Premenstrual spotting

Digestive problems:
  • Bowel or bladder symptoms, including bleeding from bladder or bowel
  • Irregular bowel habits e.g. constipation, diarrhea
  • Bloating

Mood Changes
  • Premenstrual symptoms
  • Tiredness


If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could have Endometriosis. (Endo)
  • Are you frustrated by the pain of your endometriosis?
  • Do you know in your heart that it's time to make a change?

If so, you have come to the right place.

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