Friday, April 16, 2010

Top 5 Tips To Stop Cravings, Binge And Emotional Eating

When you're trying to lose weight it's easy to let cravings get in the way of your weight loss success, leaving you frustrated, disheartened and gaining weight.

Most women suffer from cravings, but how do you get off the weight loss, craving rollercoaster and just enjoy your treats occasionally? It could be your hormones and it's easy when you identify what's causing them. Knowing what is causing your cravings and binge eating means you will achieve your weight loss goal faster.

Forgoing your favorite foods when you have a craving can not only seem difficult, but downright impossible. However satisfying, this sugar, caffeine, chocolate or salt craving will put you on the fast track to poor health & weight gain. If your hormones are causing your cravings it will make successful weight loss almost impossible.

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Why do you get cravings and how do they cause weight gain?

Diets, tiredness and hormones can affect your desire for certain foods, and a small number of cravings can be the result of a food allergy. Hormones cause food cravings and binge eating sabotaging your weight loss. I encourage you to read Mandy's story.

Stress can also play a role in stimulating your cravings due to it stimulating the release of cortisol. Cortisol stimulates the release of glucose, potentially contributing to metabolic syndrome & subsequent weight gain. It stimulates your appetite & can leave you craving carbohydrates and sugars. Something you don't need when you are trying to shed kilos as it will certainly sabotage your weight loss efforts.

This rebound effect is often incorrectly labeled as emotional eating. Although some of us do eat for comfort, often the cravings are ravenous & uncontrollable sabotaging your weight loss. If this is happening to you, it could be your hormones! Naturopathic treatment for Candida is successful and has helped many women heal their symptoms and achieve their weight loss naturally. The best part is, you can have access to your own naturopath online!


Candida or thrush outbreaks cause cravings especially for carbohydrates or sugar.

Causes of Candida
  • oestrogen dominance (PCOS, Fibroids, Cysts, PMS, Endometriosis, Menopause)
  • birth control pills/antibiotics
  • refined, processed foods
  • alcohol
  • stress, insomnia

Oestrogen Dominance causes cravings and weight gain

Oestrogen Dominance or high levels of estrogens caused by environmental toxins can cause cravings - especially before your period which lead to weight gain.

Oestrogen dominance is associated with hormonal imbalances that sabotage weight loss such as:
  • PCOS
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Cysts
  • Menopause

Salivary Hormone Testing for Cravings

By completing my full online naturopathic health and hormone test, I will invest no less than 45 minutes piecing together your symptoms and really pinpoint what hormones are causing your weight gain and other health complaints. If I feel that further salivary or blood testing via you GP is required, I will make those recommendations.

For example, as part of the process of compiling a natural weight loss program for you, I may suggest measuring hormone levels by using salivary hormone test kits, available from my clinic. Salivary hormone test kits can assist in the proper diagnoses of hormonal imbalances contributing to weight gain and conditions such as Fatigue, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Cyst, Menopause and Thyroid imbalance. To find out more about salivary hormone testing please visit my website.

Oestrogen causes insulin resistance, which results in impaired glucose tolerance or a rise in glucose levels, as it's not entering the cells where it's needed. This has a direct affect upon your metabolism an sabotages your weight loss.

It could be you need more progesterone to counter the possible higher oestrogen and to implement oestrogen clearance strategies to balance your hormones so you can achieve your weight loss goals and keep it off.

Leptin Resistance Causes Cravings Binge Eating and Weight gain

Leptin, is a hormone produced by your fat cells. It's involved in weight and appetite regulation. In simple terms, it signals the hypothalamus gland in your brain when fat cells are full. This means that low levels of leptin can result in food cravings and cause weight gain. Women who struggle with weight loss are prone to low leptin levels. Implementing a targeted naturopathic treatment strategy can improve leptin levels so you achieve healthy weight loss and hit your goals.

Ghrelin Increases Your Appetite , Cravings, Binge eating and weight gain

Ghrelin is a "hunger hormone" and regulates how much food you eat, weight loss success and how much weight you gain.

Elevated ghrelin triggers strong feelings of hunger. In addition to regulating eating behavior, ghrelin may slow your metabolism and reduce your ability to burn fat, this is one reason why it may feel like your metabolism has stopped or your weight loss plateau's.

Several studies suggest that overweight women have imbalanced ghrelin levels, or have an impaired ability to regulate ghrelin. This means they gain weight fast and struggle with weight loss no matter how hard they try. Couple this with a thyroid imbalance or menopause and you are in for a roller coaster ride of constant weight gain and failed weight loss attempts!

Cholecystokinin (CCK) imbalance causes Cravings and weight gain

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a hormone released in the gastrointestinal tract when you eat a meal. It slows down the digestive process and provides "Satiety" - meaning a feeling of fullness or satisfaction.

However, some women have reduced CCK secretion after a meal and impaired appetite regulation. Impaired CCK secretion may play a role in the greater frequency of binge eating and weight gain in women.

Top 5 Tips to overcome cravings and binge eating making weight loss easier

Step 1. Identify what hormonal factors are causing your cravings.

Step 2. Learn what foods according to your hormonal profile, you should be avoiding to stop cravings.

Step 3. Implement a targeted nutritional treatment plan specifically tailored to your biochemical profile to balance hormones and combat cravings.

Step 4. Introduce targeted natural remedies to 're start your metabolism' and lose weight.

Step 5. Access to a professional support network to guide and help you to change unhealthy lifestyle choices contributing to cravings and weight gain.

Most women report significant improvement in their cravings in 6 to 8 weeks, with marked improvement in the first 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Research supports that without guided professional support 82% of women give up on implementing health changing programs.
  • With my easy access online and telephone support system you have a 92% increase in succeeding in achieving your results.

The best approach for you:
  • Book in your FREE Naturopathic Review.
  • Commit yourself to a comprehensive program with me that will include vitamins, herbs and minerals specifically chosen for you to balance your hormones.
  • Make use of our support network made up of fully registered and accredited health professionals.

So many women have joined MassAttack and been successful. The key is to learn the truth about hormones and the truth about the foods that can work against your weight loss efforts.

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