Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Do I Have Belly Fat?

Have you tried to lose weight off your belly and failed? Before you begin burning belly fat, you need to understand a bit more about why your body is choosing to store fat around your middle. This way you can unlock the secret as to why can’t lose weight.

Many women believe that it stems from improper eating or lack of exercise. While this may be the most common case, there can also be other reasons:

• Menopause
• Hormones
• Genetics
• Stress
• Improper Digestion
• Slow Metabolism
• Poor Posture
• Eating Late at Night
• Determine Your Cause

However, as you’ve just seen, there are other factors that contribute to tummy fat as well so it’s important to learn more about why you may have this problem. Particularly if you tend to gain more fat in your stomach than any other part of your body.

The problem most women faced with weight gain around the middle is that often conventional diets to lose belly fat fail and even doing a million sit ups won’t budge it.

The best way for you to lose belly fat is:

Step 1. Identify what's causing your belly fat.
Step 2. Learn what foods are triggering hormonal imbalances causing your belly fat.
Step 3. Implement a targeted treatment plan to lose belly fat, and keep it off.
Step 4. Introduce targeted natural remedies to restart your metabolism.
Step 5. Access a professional support network that will guide you and help you to change unhealthy lifestyle choices contributing to belly fat.

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