Friday, July 6, 2012

Tips To Lose Weight

Hormonal profiling is the first step towards wellness and maintaining a healthy body weight, as Simone*, mother of 2 discovered.

Simone’s Story

After the birth of my children, my health changed.  For starters, I always felt bloated and constipated and to top it off, a family trauma left my immune system so low that I would catch everything that was going around.   I was so fed up of feeling run down.  In spite of several courses of antibiotics, I just couldn’t get well again and now I was suffering from thrush!

It was when my periods stopped that I knew I was really unhealthy .  Over the next 12 months my symptoms worsened; (weight gain, poor immunity, bloating) and I was also constantly fatigued.  I had a scan and although I had ovarian cysts, I didn’t have enough to be diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder. 

There had to be a reason why I was so unwell – and I knew I had to find it. Over the counter remedies from the health food store, although helping a little, were not enough.

Narelle’s Comments

Simone’s story is a perfect example of how important hormonal profiling and wellness mapping is.  We see all too often the effects of ‘blanket treatments’ that treat the symptom rather than the cause. 

It is important to remember that to restore long term health, you need to identify the initial cause and this takes time and expertise.  Investing time into getting to the ‘root’ cause of Simone’s health challenges is what made the difference.  This is what Simone’s ‘wellness’ map looked like:

After chatting to Simone, I established her hormonal profile and a wellness map that was not only going to improve her immune system and energy, but also restore digestive health and hormonal balance.  It was time to help Simone lose weight and feel fantastic.   

Simone’s  treatment strategy included a personalized tonic using traditional medicinal herbs such Golden Seal and Gentian to restore  digestive infection and Withania combined with Astragalus to restore adrenal health, lower inflammation and improve immunity.  Other herbs such as Paeonia and Pasque flower were included throughout her treatment  to support hormonal balance and improve glucose control. 

Targeted dietary changes to support healthy hormonal balance including limiting broccoli and eating more blueberries were provided in an easy to understand format, that fitted well with Simone’s busy life. 

Personalized orthomolecular therapy and nutritional therapy, formed part of Simone’s long term plan.  These changes, combined with gentle detoxification techniques; gently guided her health to new levels.  Her new wellness plan was a must for overcoming her symptoms of fatigue, bloating, lowered immunity, hormonal imbalance and weight gain.


Today, Simone has restored energy levels and is no longer bloated.  Her immune system is healthy and she has lost weight.  She has her health and ‘body back’.

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Narelle Stegehuis, is a practicing medical herbalist and naturopath specializing in restorative endocrinology for women, with over 14 years clinical experience.  She is both an accomplished writer, editor and technical training advisor for the Complementary Health Care Council.  A recipient of the Australian Naturopathic Excellence Award, Narelle adopts an integrated approach of both medical science and traditional complementary health care principles.