Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

If you have dieted and exercised in the past only to be disappointed then don't dismay or give up just yet....
Diets and exercise are just two pieces of a complex puzzle of weight loss. Hormones are the key to unlocking your weight loss success!

Hormone Imbalance - The Secret Cause of Weight Gain

It is not common practice to get our hormones checked, but even the slightest imbalances can tip the scales and just make weight loss a futile exercise.

Hormones are often not integrated into diet programs because frankly they are very complex. There are numerous different hormones in the body and these present in over a thousand possible combinations that can affect your health and weight.

Hormones and Your Metabolism
Fat storage or fat burning in the body is dictated by hormones, specifically the hormone Insulin. There are also other hormones that effect and influence your metabolism. It is like a big interrelated web where a subtle increase in one hormone may lead to responses from other endocrine glands that produce other hormones causing symptoms such as fatigue, mood changes, low libido and weight gain to name a few. To read full article published in FeMail click here