Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pain and Inflammation Stops Fat Burning

Did you know that pain and inflammation can affect weight loss. Inflammation can produce localised pain with redness, heat and swelling (e.g. as seen in arthritis), but can also be ‘silent’ and less obvious. If you are trying to lose weight and have some inflammation in your body, this could actually be slowing down your fat burning!

In fact, inflammation predisposes the body to store fat, and when your body is inflamed, chemicals are released that stimulate the secretion of a hormone called leptin from fat cells. Leptin, in normal amounts, is responsible for helping regulate appetite and energy production. However, high levels of this hormone are a problem because they further increase inflammation; interfering with the entry of glucose into the cells and with the body’s insulin response. This may, in turn, lead to insulin resistance, more fat storage and lowered fertility. When you have an increase in fat storage, this will then heighten the inflammatory response and so the vicious cycle continues.

Symptoms to look out for:

· Fluid retention
· Headaches
· Stubborn Weight Gain
· Tummy Fat that won’t budge
· Uncontrollable cravings

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