Saturday, August 7, 2010

How To Be The Woman You Want To Be

The reality of motherhood is that life after a baby means that you really don't have much time. Without spending time on yourself after a while your health, motivation & confidence can dwindle away leaving you powerless.

Many chronic illnesses in mothers go untreated, because symptoms are mistaken for common complaints of sleep-deprivation or tiredness. “Well, you’re a mum” can answer for a lot of problems, but sometimes there is more to the story.

If in 2008 you felt exhausted, depressed with debilitating fatigue, experienced hair loss, and had trouble concentrating you could be suffering from hormonal imbalance. So if you can relate to feeling this way, adopting a simple approach of just eating better & exercising more is not going to be your ‘magic feel better pill’.

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