Saturday, August 7, 2010

Overcoming Infertility Odds

I was frustrated with the painful heavy periods that came every month with my endometriosis and I wanted so much to lose weight. Finding the MassAttack natural weight loss program meant that I could lose weight faster and the best part is, I healed my endometriosis naturally.

You too can make lifestyle changes and adjust your diet to lose weight and heal your endometriosis naturally. My experience with naturopathy has been a positive one and I would highly recommend it if you are suffering from endometriosis and want to lose weight. Changing my diet and working with Narelle brought about many positive changes. A side from losing weight and feeling like myself again, I fell pregnant naturally, which was amazing since my endometriosis had left me clinically infertile! And the best part is ... no more endometriosis and painful heavy periods. Read on to share my journey.
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